Sale Summary

131 of 155 Lots Sold

Sale Total: $4,232,500 | Clearance Rate: 84.52%

Average Lot Price: $32,309 | Top Lot Price: $120,000

59American Ideal USAOur Sweet MelodyBay FillyTrotters AustraliaSOLD$20,000B Hewitt
120Centurion Atm USABrite N Lucky NZBay FillyTrotters AustraliaSOLD$8,000D Watt
501Yankee RockstarFlowersBay ColtFrank & Sue O'SullivanSOLD$15,000M New
502Art Major USAForest BlissBay FillyReece MaguirePASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
503Alta Christiano NZFourstarzsolataireBay ColtJohn BoothSOLD$19,000R Spencer
504Always B Miki USAFuller Vee EmBay ColtGrant FullerPASSED IN (reserve $35,000)
505Sweet Lou USAGifted BlissBay FillyRon Littler & The Estate of Kay LittlerSOLD$25,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
506Sweet Lou USAGirls RuleBay FillyA and B CampbellSOLD$24,000J Demamiel
507Courage Under Fire NZIvys FaithBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$18,000Clayton Harmey Harness Racing
508Lazarus NZGlenferrie BeautyBay FillyMMC Racing SyndicatePASSED IN (reserve $17,000)
509Bettors Delight USAGotta Go Jazzy Jet NZBay ColtCelestial StandardbredsSOLD$80,000R Nalder
510Rocknroll Hanover USAGrand Times USABay FillyTourello StandardbredsWITHDRAWN$0
511Tintin In America NZHolly Robyn NZChestnut FillyYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$20,000S Khouiss
512A Rocknroll Dance USAGirls Go RacingBay FillyG J Murphy & J A PritchardCANCELLED$0P Fitzpatrick
513Rock N Roll Heaven USAGypsy BabeBay ColtYirribee Pacing Stud as AgentSOLD$17,000Michael & Matt Leary
514Betting Line USAHartsplace RainbowBrown ColtRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$16,000C Frisby
515Changeover NZHidden GemBay FillyTony DumesnySOLD$13,000C Frisby
516Warrawee Needy CAKays My GemBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$15,000S Elliott
517Bettors Delight USAHighview Aria NZBay FillyKTR Standardbred StudSOLD$28,000T Butt
518Art Major USAIma Mystery GirlBay ColtWilliam EvansSOLD$40,000Solid Earth
519Rocknroll Hanover USAHarmony Bromac NZBay FillyTourello StandardbredsWITHDRAWN$0
520Modern Art USALady MachsheenBay FillyP A Carmody - Lochend StudSOLD$10,000Blush Organic Beauty
521Art Major USALettucedanceBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$60,000D Zavitsanos
522For A ReasonJessica Bromac NZBay ColtDYANNA THOMMENYSOLD$20,000L Bryant
523Downbytheseaside USAJust Stopandstare NZBay FillyM J DaySOLD$57,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
524Tintin In America NZLettucegrinBay ColtStardime Pty LtdSOLD$10,000K Timmins
525Warrawee Needy CALa SaintBay FillyYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$17,000Robert Jones
526For A ReasonLadylexi Of CarmerBrown ColtCarmer StandardbredsSOLD$13,500K Parker
527Fear The Dragon (US)Ideal TaliliaBrown ColtNathan VarcoeWITHDRAWN$0
528Shoobees Place USALavish ArtBay ColtP A Carmody - Lochend StudSOLD$34,000Allied Express Pacing & Trotting Pty Ltd
529Always B Miki USALettuce Go PippaBay ColtStardime Pty LtdSOLD$26,000D Cordina
530Warrawee Needy CALombo La Fe FeBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$15,000David Searston
531Sweet Lou USAJets GirlBay FillyRussell CampbellPASSED IN (reserve $34,000)
532Lazarus NZLettucesomewhereBrown ColtSteve HarrisSOLD$60,000J Teixeira
533Sweet Lou USALibertybelle Midfrew NZBrown FillyJohn Gibson Family Trust & A Smith R WoodsWITHDRAWN$0
534Sweet Lou USALillylaneBay FillyFrank & Sue O'SullivanWITHDRAWN$0
535Shoobees Place USALindsey Leigh USABay ColtP A Carmody - Lochend StudSOLD$27,000Spiros John Calligeros
536Courage Under Fire NZLombo Medlyn MissBrown ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$18,000Brad Elder
537Sweet Lou USALislass NZBay ColtKTR Standardbred StudSOLD$38,000Graeme Riley
538Sweet Lou USALittle FibBrown ColtMatt Howe, Jess Howe and Emily HoweWITHDRAWN$0
539Sweet Lou USAMaudieBrown ColtR. E. CahillSOLD$60,000B Portelli
540Sweet Lou USALombo Newsy ScoopBay ColtRJ Campbell, KB Campbell, BR Campbell & KC CampbellPASSED IN (reserve $28,000)
541American Ideal USALourdesBay ColtTony DumesnyWITHDRAWN$0
542Warrawee Needy CAMainland Banner NZBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$40,000R Jones
543Art Major USAMaxwells PrideBrown FillyM J DaySOLD$30,000Goozdolphin Racing
544Bling It OnLucy LambBay ColtGolden Gait StudSOLD$20,000Geoffrey Day
545Tintin In America NZLuvumumBay FillyJessica FrancisSOLD$45,000S Khouiss
546Rock N Roll Heaven USAMajor BonusBay FillyKTR Standardbred StudSOLD$22,000Michael Formosa
547Captaintreacherous (US)Now Eye SeeBay FillyJackie GibsonSOLD$110,000Rosalie & Terry Cluse
548Art Major USAMalenaBay FillyStardime Pty LtdPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
549LennythesharkMatolaBrown FillySarah HeinjusWITHDRAWN$0
550Tintin In America NZMiss Mini LomboBrown FillyYirribee Pacing StudWITHDRAWN$0
551For A ReasonMedusa JoyBay ColtGolden Gait StudSOLD$25,000R Morris
552Always B Miki USAMotu Living Doll NZBay ColtM J DaySOLD$28,000W Turnbull
553Captaintreacherous (US)My Platinum Belle NZBay ColtJohn Gibson Family TrustSOLD$66,000Red Field Pacing
554Sweet Lou USAMy AguileraBay FillyFrank & Sue O'SullivanSOLD$15,000M New
555Rock N Roll World USAMy Ami LeeBrown ColtSarah HeinjusPASSED IN (reserve $34,000)
556Lazarus NZMy Major Rocket NZBay FillyDougal SteelSOLD$17,000D Maurici
557VincentObahma JoyBay FillyJohn Gibson Family Trust & A Smith R WoodsSOLD$35,000Allied Express Pacing & Trotting Pty Ltd
558LennythesharkMiss Zo ZoBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
559Roll With Joe USANorthern Courage NZBay ColtM J DaySOLD$30,000J Rattray
560Betting Line USAOnedins Pocketgirl NZBrown ColtKevin John HayesCANCELLED$0D Thorn
561Sunshine Beach USAOperative BabeBay FillyPini Pty Ltd Trading as Medowie LodgeSOLD$9,500R Arentz
562Warrawee Needy CAOur Artistic LeighBay ColtDYANNA THOMMENYSOLD$10,000C Atkins
563Downbytheseaside USAOh Eye SeeBay FillySuccess Stud Pty LtdSOLD$101,000Darren Weeks
564Sweet Lou USAOur Lissome NZBrown ColtKTR Standardbred StudSOLD$50,000B Portelli
565American Ideal USAOur Little ArtistBay ColtM J DaySOLD$25,000Equine Reproduction Services
566Fear The Dragon (US)Miss Trickin LomboBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$23,000Franco
567Rock N Roll Heaven USAOur Mackalena NZBay FillyMMC Racing SyndicateSOLD$17,000J Mcpherson
568Art Major USAOur Poppi GirlBay FillyWayne and Eliza HamiltonSOLD$34,000J Teixeira
569Alta Christiano NZOur Super Party NZBrown FillyK,B,S,A & N Townsend Pty Ltd SOLD$14,000J Rattray
570Lazarus NZParfait AmourBay ColtJason BussenschuttSOLD$24,000Graeme Riley
571Sweet Lou USAPatience PaysBay FillyTony DumesnySOLD$15,000Tony Higgs
572Always B Miki USAPerfect ParadiseBrown ColtMMC Racing SyndicateSOLD$17,000J Harmey
573American Ideal USAPerfect PennyBay ColtM J DaySOLD$120,000M Boots
574Fear The Dragon (US)Ocean DivaBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$24,000J Painting
575Sweet Lou USAPartyontheboulevard NZBay FillyDallas Harvey SOLD$30,000Ray Zerafa
576Downbytheseaside USAPriority PassBay ColtGolden Gait StudSOLD$25,000Amanda And Sharon Coffee
577Captaintreacherous (US)Queen Of PopBay ColtLauriston BloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
578Sweet Lou USARainbow SueBay ColtRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$50,000Kingstead Lodge
579Tintin In America NZRedbank LisamareeBay FillyStardime Pty LtdSOLD$12,000B Hewitt
580Downbytheseaside USAReturn To Me NZBay FillySC and KA Robertsons robertson a goadsby m tannerSOLD$115,000Barry Howlett
581Rock N Roll World USASelf DenialBay ColtCelestial StandardbredsSOLD$25,000A Khouiss
582Sweet Lou USARich HeritageBay FillyM J DaySOLD$66,000R Moore
583Fear The Dragon (US)Prestigious LomboBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$14,000C Rixon
584Bettors Delight USARockmemamaBrown ColtMaxwell DeckertPASSED IN (reserve $50,000)
585Betting Line USASilver Tail LadyBrown ColtKevin John HayesSOLD$13,000J Turnbull
586Sweet Lou USARosa MachBay ColtRon LittlerSOLD$25,000S Osmond
587American Ideal USARosie OreillyBay/brown FillyLauriston BloodstockWITHDRAWN$0
588American Ideal USARunaround Rhonda NZBrown ColtDENIS & JO HOWESOLD$13,000G Powell
589Sweet Lou USASabrina Bromac NZBrown FillyJessica FrancisSOLD$70,000T Keenan
590Sportswriter USASmyrna Duruisseau USABay ColtCelestial StandardbredsPASSED IN (reserve $40,000)
591Lazarus NZSignificant ArtBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
592Sweet Lou USASpecializeBay ColtK,B,S,A & N Townsend Pty Ltd SOLD$38,000B Portelli
593Tintin In America NZRocky OhoulihanBrown FillyM EdgarSOLD$7,500G Harpley
594Betting Line USAStarzzzinthe CrossBrown ColtKevin John HayesSOLD$22,000B Treuer
595Captaintreacherous (US)Strawbs Interact NZBay FillyM J DaySOLD$33,000M O'Brien
596Rock N Roll World USAStylish StormBay FillyTom PhillipsPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
597Bettors Delight USASuper Deal NZBay FillySC and KA Robertsons robertson a goadsby m tannerSOLD$120,000P Fitzpatrick
598Sweet Lou USASurvivor Hero NZBay ColtPini Pty Ltd Trading as Medowie LodgeSOLD$35,000F Khouiss
599Art Major USARoyal JinxBay ColtWayne and Eliza HamiltonSOLD$37,000B Graham
600Downbytheseaside USAThen We DanceBay ColtD Johnston,J Polson EST of D PolsonSOLD$25,000D Cordina
601Million Dollar Cam USASweet Memphis Belle NZBay ColtJoshua WillickPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
602Fear The Dragon (US)Sweet Molly Oshea NZBay FillyCelestial StandardbredsSOLD$40,000Brad Elder
603Warrawee Needy CASwing With A StarBay ColtJonathon McAlisterCANCELLED$0E Burchill
604Sweet Lou USAThe Coldstream NZBay FillyK,B,S,A & N Townsend Pty Ltd SOLD$22,000Rob Jones
605Always B Miki USATictac TopazBay ColtPaul KahlefeldtSOLD$20,000T Butt
606Roll With Joe USAThe Crystal Star NZBay ColtDENIS & JO HOWESOLD$27,500Rickie Alchin
607Fear The Dragon (US)Wandjina GirlBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$20,000H Martin
608Always B Miki USATremezzinaBay ColtTony DumesnySOLD$54,000J Prentice
609Captaintreacherous (US)Trilight Brigade NZBay FillyCelestial StandardbredsPASSED IN (reserve $100,000)
610LennythesharkTriple BlissBay ColtRon Littler & The Estate of Kay LittlerPASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
611Sportswriter USAValencay NZBay ColtG S HeathWITHDRAWN$0
612Sweet Lou USAWorkout RockyBrown ColtAlana ToulminSOLD$23,000D Brown
613American Ideal USAVillage WitchBrown FillyJ W & C R PowderlySOLD$40,000John McCarthy - Summit Bloodstock
614Rock N Roll Heaven USAVista BellaBrown/black ColtBruce DumesnySOLD$20,000APG As Agent
615Lazarus NZWarrawee Flare CABay ColtYirribee Pacing StudPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
616Always B Miki USAWestgate Chick NZBay FillyM J DayCANCELLED$0Red Field Pacing
617American Ideal USAWeona Miss TimedBay ColtElite Bloodstock Pty LtdSOLD$22,000Beast Mode Syndicate
618Sweet Lou USAYockadocka DarlinBay ColtPini Pty Ltd Trading as Medowie LodgeSOLD$25,000J Xuereb
619Art Major USAAbettorroseBay ColtAlex Smith, Russell WoodsSOLD$40,000B Fitzpatrick
620Alta Christiano NZAbercrombie EmmaBay ColtDavid Harris & PartnersSOLD$20,000J Lee
621American Ideal USAAblissfullgiftBay FillyRon Littler & The Estate of Kay LittlerPASSED IN (reserve $20,000)
622Downbytheseaside USAAngela Patron NZBay ColtR & D MicallefWITHDRAWN$0
623Sweet Lou USAZenable NZBay FillyAlana ToulminSOLD$35,000Stephen Morrison
624Downbytheseaside USAAmbitionsBay ColtPaul WhitePG White, TL White, SE White, DJ White and J DavineSOLD$85,000P Fitzpatrick
625Always B Miki USABainfeild Washington NZBrown ColtM J DaySOLD$58,000Kriden Investments Pty Ltd
626Always B Miki USAAnnatto NZBay ColtTracy LambSOLD$55,000Summit Bloodstock
627Ultimate Machete NZAce ReporterBrown FillyR. E. CahillSOLD$30,000T Schiller
628Art Major USAAfrican DancerBay FillyB LangtrySOLD$18,000Yirribee Pacing Stud
629Art Major USAArcachonBay FillyCelestial StandardbredsGrant JonesPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
630Sweet Lou USAArk ElaineBay ColtTony DumesnySOLD$32,000Solid Earth
631Warrawee Needy CAArtista LomboBay/brown ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$15,000C Judd
632Sweet Lou USAArt MistressBay ColtDaniel CordinaSOLD$20,000J Grimson
633Captaintreacherous (US)Artistic RainbowBay ColtRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$86,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
634Rock N Roll Heaven USABeilharzBay FillyM J DayPASSED IN (reserve $30,000)
635Ultimate Machete NZAvenuesBay FillyFrank & Sue O'SullivanSOLD$8,000M New
637American Ideal USAAintshegreatBay FillyRon Littler & The Estate of Kay LittlerSOLD$13,000S Elder
638Betting Line USABallareBay FillyCelestial StandardbredsSOLD$10,000Tony Conte
639Art Major USABettor Get Better NZBay ColtLuke J. WoodorthWITHDRAWN$0
640Captaintreacherous (US)BettorthanyouBay ColtM J DaySOLD$80,000J Teixeira
641Downbytheseaside USAChance NZBay ColtJohn Gibson Family TrustSOLD$25,000M Boots
642Warrawee Needy CABoldandbeautifulBay FillyYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$15,000Darren Weeks
643Sweet Lou USABulgari Rose NZBrown ColtKTR Standardbred StudWITHDRAWN$0
644American Ideal USACelebrity BallBrown ColtAlpha StudSOLD$30,000Allied Express Pacing & Trotting Pty Ltd
645Lazarus NZChalondraBay ColtR & D MicallefSOLD$30,000J Rattray
646Bettors Delight USACharlotte Church NZBay FillyJ M Kahlefeldt, C M KahlefeldtSOLD$50,000R.E.D Harness racing pty ltd
647VincentCracker Three NZBay FillySuccess Stud Pty LtdSOLD$15,000B&a Tindale
648Always B Miki USABollinger Baby NZBay ColtM J DaySOLD$90,000Kevin Gordon
649For A ReasonChip And GaleBay FillyNorman ValdezSOLD$21,000B Hancock
650For A ReasonChristianshipBay FillyCarmer StandardbredsSOLD$12,000J Turnbull
651Always B Miki USADance A RainbowBay ColtRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$32,000Summit Bloodstock / ABR / McCarthy
652Tintin In America NZClassic Counsel NZBay ColtYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$16,000Jamie Rigoli
653Bling It OnCrystal CapriceBay ColtG S HeathSOLD$13,500P Betts
654Bettors Delight USACullen ReignBay ColtCelestial StandardbredsSOLD$50,000T Butt
655Downbytheseaside USACullpepperBay ColtRoss AngoveSOLD$20,000Tumby Park Pty Ltd
656American Ideal USADaniela Hantuchova NZBrown ColtR.A Cernovskis, D.A Cernovskis, J.W O'Sullivan & LSOLD$60,000G Holland
657American Ideal USADolce BellaBay/brown FillyJohn C DumesnySOLD$15,000J Dwyer
658Sweet Lou USAEsprit RainbowBay FillyRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$17,000Cameron Dunn
659Warrawee Needy CACorleoneBay FillyYirribee Pacing StudSOLD$13,000Dave Druitt
660Bettors Delight USAElle M Aye NZBrown FillySC and KA Robertsons robertson a goadsby m tannerSOLD$115,000Goodtime Breeding
661Sweet Lou USAEye Can RunBay ColtAlex Smith, Russell WoodsWITHDRAWN$0
662Majestic Son CAFlight RainbowBay ColtRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$6,500Robert Caton
663Majestic Son CAIdle Lea NZBay ColtBruce DumesnySOLD$13,000Goodtime Breeding
664Up And Quick (FRA)Pepperell MagicBrown FillyTrump Bloodstock PASSED IN (reserve $15,000)
665Majestic Son CAMiss Maori RainbowBrown FillyRainbow Farms. John & Sue MarkhamSOLD$6,000L Abbott
666My High Expectations USAReine Des Gitans NZBay ColtPini Pty Ltd Trading as Medowie LodgeSOLD$12,000J Grimson
667Up And Quick (FRA)Sunny Elegant NZChestnut ColtTrump Bloodstock SOLD$26,000Downunder Sulky Company
668Majestic Son CASocial FireballBay FillyAnthony DumesnySOLD$6,500R Clarke
669Up And Quick (FRA)Ushaka Bromac NZBay FillyTrump Bloodstock SOLD$17,000J Trainor
670Volstead USAAmarula NZBay ColtTroy WilliamsSOLD$22,000Spunky Syndicate